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"Scribing is the ultimateclinical experience that youcan get before medical school."

Michael Mollo Scribe Alum & Emergency Medicine Resident

Your healthcare journey starts here.

Becoming a medical scribe is widely regarded as a practical first step on your journey towards a lasting career in healthcare. The role of a medical scribe has evolved beyond a medical documentation assistant.

Today, medical scribes work elbow-to-elbow with providers, working on a wide array of projects to deliver critical ancillary support. With unparalleled access to healthcare’s front lines, you’ll hone important leadership skills to prepare you for the future.

What is medical scribe?

Today, the term Medical Scribe is almost a misnomer. We think of our medical scribes as Care Team Assistants. If you're interested in gaining clinical experience in preparation for medical, nursing, or PA school, become a medical scribe and gain access to leading healthcare professionals. From performing documentation in the EHR, gathering information for the patient's visit, and partnering with the physician to deliver efficient patient care, no two days will look the same.

For someone interested in medicine, whether it is a personal interest, or part of a career goal, the chance to become a medical scribe is unlike any other opportunity available. Through exciting one-on-one collaboration with providers, you'll have an unprecedented level of exposure to real medicine in practice.

Take a look at the Day in the Life of a Chief Scribe.

Why be a medical scribe?

As a medical scribe, you'll achieve a competitive advantage for medical, nursing and PA school. And for those interested in determining if a career in healthcare is the right path, working as a medical scribe helps to bring clarity to your career goals. ScribeAmerica's highly rewarding scribe program puts smart, tech-savvy candidates in fast-paced clinical settings.

Our rigorous program trains individuals to thoroughly and accurately document patient encounters and support care teams. You’ll shadow a provider and learn to think like one, too. Decipher medical coding and terminology while gaining a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. Scribes often build incredible networks for their future career. Surrounded by mentors, you'll receive ongoing education through the ScribeAmerica academic textbook, training videos and much more.

Watch a snapshot of ScribeAmerica Alumni detail the advantages of working as a medical scribe:

How to get the best from your scribe experience

Having pioneered the medical scribe industry nearly two decades ago, we’re looking for problem solvers who work positively and cooperatively amidst a stressful and fast-paced environment. For you to excel as a scribe you’ll also need to have good penmanship and computer skills. Although prior medical expertise is not required, it is an added bonus if you have completed industry specific coursework./p>

Clearly becoming a medical scribe offers a unique opportunity to gain healthcare experience. Here are tips to help you achieve success today, and in the future.

Our Benefits

ScribeAmerica is dedicated to the wellbeing of our employees and provide leadership development opportunities to support your career in healthcare.

Advance your career

If you are interested in continuing on with ScribeAmerica and/or already have managerial experience, there are opportunities to advance your career with us.