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ScribeAmerica offers remote positions at all hiring levels. Positions are available regionally, or on a national basis. Please view individual job descriptions for regional or statewide restrictions.

Are you looking for remote medical scribe jobs? If you're a passionate pre-med student or healthcare worker seeking outstanding opportunities, you’re under the right address. Scribe America offers virtual positions at all hiring levels. On our website you can find jobs that are available on a national basis or regionally. Check out the descriptions to learn more about the regional or statewide restrictions and start a career tailored to your preferences.

Remote healthcare jobs for medical scribes

A modern medical scribe is much more than an assistant. It’s a productivity partner whose mission is to ensure a positive patient experience and streamline Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). If you’re looking for remote jobs in healthcare that will allow you to expand your skills, while empowering care teams and increasing their efficiency, you’re in the right place. On our website you can search for remote positions at different hiring levels and find jobs that will help you acquire necessary industry experience and knowledge of cutting-edge medical documentation solutions. Thanks to starting a remote medical scribe job, you can become a valued technical expert that delivers top-notch work and provides both patients and healthcare professionals with crucial support.

Why should you apply for Scribe America remote jobs?

Remote jobs in healthcare give you a chance to work together with healthcare providers to improve the delivery of care and make administrative work less overwhelming. As a medical scribe, you’ll be responsible for collecting vital patient data necessary to make visits more productive and to allow healthcare providers to focus on the patient, not on the documentation and red tape.

If you’re a pre-med student or a healthcare worker who is motivated to gain experience in the industry, apply for our medical scribe positions, work together with care teams to improve their workflows and deliver quality care to patients!