How We Hire
Knowing the hiring process can make your experience smoother. Our Application Roadmap can help you to prepare for your interview and getting hired.

The Application Roadmap

There are three key steps you need to take to complete your journey to become a scribe:
Step 1: Find the right position for you
​​​​​​​Did you know that ScribeAmerica offers several different scribe positions? From in-person scribes – including medical, nurse, population health, veterinary and more - to remote TeleScribes, we’re regularly recruiting for positions across the U.S. 
    Step 2: Apply online
    Once you find the position that’s right for you, simply start the online application and submit your online assessment video.
    Step 3: Discussion and next steps
    Hang tight! Some positions are available immediately while others will open up in the near future. You will hear from a Virtual Talent Assistant to discuss next steps in the hiring process.
    "Since I have been scribing for
    so long, my knowledge of the
    ​​​​​​​medical field has really grown."

    Tips from our current scribes and alumni

    Being a scribe gives you an invaluable leg up in nursing school, medical school, or whatever you are trying to pursue in the medical field.
    Samantha Moore Scribe, Hilo Medical Center
    Now that I'm applying for jobs as a Physician Assistant, all of the future employers want to ask me about my scribe experience. They're all so impressed that I can bring that to the table, and I have that to offer over any other PA student.
    Nicole Wedgeworth Scribe alum & PA Resident
    It's the ultimate clinical experience you can get before any type of medical career. It was the first time I felt like I was part of the medical team...my job actually had a presence and made a different.
    Michale Mollo Scribe alum & Emergency Medicine Resident

    Medical Scribe FAQs

    Below are just a few of our most commonly asked questions. To view all of our Medical Scribe FAQs, click the link below.
    What is a medical scribe?

    ​​​​​​​A medical scribe will follow a licensed healthcare provider (physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, etc) throughout their shift, documenting the patient encounter from start to finish. This includes the patient’s story, physical exam, lab and imaging results, consults, updates…all the way to the disposition and diagnoses.

    An easy way to think about it is it’s basically like shadowing, but you get to work within the electronic medical record and get paid.

    Click here to watch a short video and learn more about the Medical Scribe position.
    Is the scribe position a good fit for a college student? Is the position flexible? Yes, the medical scribe position is perfect for a college student! By offering a competitive wage and unique medical experience, a job at ScribeAmerica is very appealing to local pre-medical college students and recent graduates as well.
    What training does ScribeAmerica provide and how long does it last? Our training is broken into two components: Online and In-Person. Candidates must attend online training and pass quizzes to be eligible to continue onto the In-Person training.

    During In-Person, candidates will meet with their onsite manager for classroom training to review site expectations, learn the medical record, and hospital flow. Once this is complete, candidates will schedule 8 training shifts on the group with a provider and trainer. An evaluation of their performance will be completed after each shift, to determine their performance, before they are eligible to continue with the company.

    The whole training process takes approximately 4-6 weeks and depends on your availability, class availability, trainer availability, and shift availability.
    Are there opportunities for advancement or leadership positions and can I do this long term? After 90 days of work, a scribe is eligible for leadership opportunities. While most scribes move on to fulfill other professional goals in healthcare, many scribes have found that the experience and income received justifies choosing becoming a medical scribe as a career.

    These individuals can become, but not limited to: chief scribe; trainer, scribe ambassador, or transition into a corporate role. Individuals can become chief scribes within their department, then project leaders and regional managers often earning annual compensation packages starting at $75,000+.
    slide 1 of 5What do you look into in a candidate? Passion, curiosity, and authenticity. We love working with people who are passionate about their work and the problems they solve. We look for constant learners, who ask a lot of questions, and learn beyond what’s expected. We hire people who are genuine, and truly themselves in every situation.
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