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How We Hire

Knowing the hiring process can make your experience smoother. Our Application Roadmap can help you to prepare for your interview and getting hired.

The Application Roadmap

Application Roadmap

There are three key steps you need to take to complete your journey to become a scribe:

"Since I have been scribing for so long, my knowledge of the medical field has really grown."

Kristine LePrad Scribe & Implementation Manager

Tips from our current scribes and alumni

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Being a scribe gives you an invaluable leg up in nursing school, medical school, or whatever you are trying to pursue in the medical field.

Samantha MooreScribe, Hilo Medical Center
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Now that I'm applying for jobs as a Physician Assistant, all of the future employers want to ask me about my scribe experience. They're all so impressed that I can bring that to the table, and I have that to offer over any other PA student.

Nicole WedgeworthScribe alum & PA Resident
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It's the ultimate clinical experience you can get before any type of medical career. It was the first time I felt like I was part of the medical job actually had a presence and made a different.

Michale MolloScribe & Emergency Medicine Resident

Medical Scribe FAQs

Below are just a few of our most commonly asked questions. To view all of our Medical Scribe FAQs, click the link below.