"From scribe to manager,
I've worked alongside
brilliant providers and
Advance your career with ScribeAmerica
Your healthcare journey doesn’t have to stop with being a medical scribe. If you are interested in continuing on with ScribeAmerica or already have managerial experience, there are opportunities to advance your career with us. 

What our employees are saying

"After working with ScribeAmerica as a manager, I found I truly enjoy the administrative side of healthcare. Our team mindset and family-like culture between our departments that helps remind me day-in and day-out that we are all in this together." Jenna Koesling Director of Operations
"Whether you want to be a nurse, a PA, a doctor, or another position in healthcare, ScribeAmerica can help make all this part of your understanding of the world. For a future medical professional, that is more valuable than anything else you will find on the job market. " John A. Shea, MD Senior Account Manager
"As Senior Account Manager, I manage, support and guide other chief scribes in doing what I did and loved for so long. If you are considering working with ScribeAmerica as a medical scribe, apply now and never look back - you will not regret it!”  Kate Clark Senior Account Manager
Our application roadmap Your healthcare journey isn't always a straight path, but we make the application process easy with three key steps. Learn more about how you can get started on becoming a leader in healthcare solutions.
Culture and values By continuing to innovate and expand the scribe industry we will fundamentally improve the delivery of care and quality of life for medical providers nationwide.
Our benefits ScribeAmerica is dedicated to the wellbeing of our employees and provides leadership development opportunities to support your career in healthcare.