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For over 20 years ScribeAmerica has helped healthcare providers reduce their clinical workload so they can spend more time at the bedside, delivering more meaningful patient care. From in-person medical scribes who work side-by-side with care teams, to remote virtual scribes and AI-driven ambient digital scribes, our teams help doctors get back to the joy of practicing medicine. 

Serving over 3,500 partners in all 50 states, our medical scribes and navigators work alongside healthcare providers to improve the efficiency of care teams and empower providers to work top of license. As the nation’s leader in scribe training and management, we have been recognized for over a decade as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing private companies. 

By continuing to innovate and expand the scribe industry, we improve the delivery of care and quality of life for medical providers nationwide. Are you ready to join an enthusiastic and dedicated team that is transforming the way care is delivered?

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Your healthcare journey Becoming a medical scribe is widely regarded as a practical first step on your journey towards a lasting career in healthcare. The role of a medical scribe has evolved beyond a documentation assistant.
Diversity and Inclusion ScribeAmerica has a work environment that promotes diversity, embraces change, and provides leadership opportunities to our team members.