Benefits We're dedicated to the wellbeing of our employees and provide leadership development opportunities to support your career in healthcare.
On the front lines During your time as a scribe, you’ll work closely with seasoned healthcare professionals. You’ll learn about healthcare delivery and be inspired daily. As you develop your leadership skills, we’ll provide benchmarks to make your resume strong for PA, nursing and medical school applications. 
HC Perks program We value work-life balance and provide resources to support team members in their career development and personal lives. The HC Perks program rewards scribes and managers from day one, with additional perks available through tenure.
Gain clarity Becoming a medical scribe exposes you to multiple specialties and administrative roles. You’ll learn about different careers and talk with providers, nurses and members of the care teams who can help guide you towards the right career path for you.
Grow with us Many of our senior leaders have been promoted to management roles from medical scribes. The opportunity to advance your career within the company is endless. We encourage you to translate your on-the-job training into a lasting career in healthcare.
Our training program We offer an industry-focused training module that will not only help you excel as a medical scribe, but prepare you for a long-term career in health care. We strive to deliver the most up-to-date training that will serve you for years to come. 
The scribe community We provide medical scribes with a chance to experience our robust community, publish your writing, and take part in a wide array of events and contests! Sign up for our newsletter to receive company updates about happenings in your area.
Your healthcare journey
Becoming a medical scribe is widely regarded as a practical first step on your journey towards a lasting career in healthcare. With unparalleled access to healthcare’s front lines, you’ll hone important leadership skills to prepare you for the future.
Advance your career  If you are interested in continuing on with ScribeAmerica and/or already have managerial experience, there are opportunities to advance your career with us. Learn more about your you can continue your healthcare journey with ScribeAmerica.